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Weekend Waffle: Coriander

August 2, 2014 by The Opal Octopus | 0 comments

Today in winter non-gardening: a field of self-seeded coriander inĀ one of the raised beds.

closeup of coriander leaves

We’ve been pretty busy this autumn/winter, and have done very little in the way of planting – a native hibiscus and a finger lime tree here, a Meyer lemon tree there, but not much else. We’re still eating from the garden, though: self-seeded coriander and cos lettuces mostly, the odd bit of random volunteer rocket coming through, plenty of herbs of course, and a profusion of limes.

lime hanging from tree


In more decorative news, the grevilleas are flowering beautifully throughout. Here’s a Gingin Gem:

closeup of red flowering grevillea bush

And a dry-climate boronia. You have to love the Perth winter: just look at that sky!

beautiful pink boronia buds against a blue sky


Anything growing where you are?