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Review: Tweethearts by Nicole Haddow


by Nicole Haddow

Published by Destiny Romance
on 2014-02-14
Genres: Chick Lit, Romance
Pages: 224
Review: Tweethearts by Nicole Haddow

Pregnancy-magazine writer Jemima has a secret identity, @maghag, and an adorable friend and housemate, Samson. Everyone in the magazines world is trying to find out who @maghag is, as she tweets scathingly about her unethical editor. When the editor goes a step too far, Jemima outs herself and quits – and is promptly scooped up as social media director for the new reality show on which Samson is a contestant.

This romance follows the classic “miscommunication-is-the-obstacle” storyline, which can be irritating – but at least there is a good excuse for it in Tweethearts, as Jemima and Samson aren’t allowed to communicate with each other in any way while the reality show is running. All they see of each other is what they see on TV and read on Twitter.

I like the book’s examination of new media jobs and some of their ramifications and difficulties, and the critique of celebrity culture and media manipulation. I also love a friends-to-lovers storyline, so that worked for me; and the humour of the book is enjoyable, making it at times almost a satire of itself (“Placenta Monthly” magazine? “Salacious Rumours” gossip mag?).

There were other aspects that annoyed me a lot, however: the obstetrician breaking medical confidentiality while speaking with Jemima made him irredeemable for me, yet he was presented as delightfully likable throughout the rest of the book. The morning sickness drugs storyline required more research: pregnancy vomiting was presented as at most an inconvenience, and drugs as horribly dangerous. This is very far from reality, and promulgates dangerous myths. Lastly, the use of the “jealous bitch/slut” stereotypes was an eyeroll – I don’t much get along with books in which nearly every woman except the MC is seen as spiteful, scheming, manipulative, and/or competition for a man.

So: I have mixed feelings about this book: go into it with your eyes open. I would definitely pick up another Haddow title, however.

Content note for sexual assault while sleeping.

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