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Review: Through the Cracks by Honey Brown


Through the Cracks
by Honey Brown

Published by Penguin Group Australia
on 2014-04-23
Genres: Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 288
Review: Through the Cracks by Honey Brown

Firstly: DON’T READ THE PUBLISHER’S BLURB! It’s spoilericious.

I just can’t put a Honey Brown book down. As my partner found over family dinner last night, yesterday I just kept on gobbling this book until I was done.

Through the Cracks is sort of an inverted thriller: it starts with the turning of the tables, the escape. An increasingly strong teenage Adam fights back against his abuser, and makes his escape into a bewildering, threatening wider world. Adam’s escape from the locked backroom, led by streetwise Billy, is only the beginning.

Honey Brown does an amazing job with Adam’s voice. This is a boy who has been caged for his entire life – he has no idea about the absolute basics of Australian society, like how to handle money or get around, or how “normal” relationships work. This naive voice must have been very difficult to write, but it comes across as utterly authentic to me.

Through The Cracks examines the nature of caging and freedom, victimisation and escape, trust and corruption. It shows us that not all cages have bars, and it asks the questions: “Is it worth escaping from the cage if the escape only results in a short period in the sun?” It also urges us to look at what is going on around us behind the lawns and flowerbeds, but it does this without ever feeling like an “issue book”. And it ends on an ultimately hopeful note.

I can’t wait for the next Honey Brown book.

[yellow_box]Find Honey Brown on Facebook here. Read her short piece The Accidental Author at The Weekend Australian magazine, and this interview with her at Australian Women Writers.[/yellow_box]

This book needs ALL THE content notes: child abduction, child abuse (physical and sexual), church-based CSA, family violence, animal abuse, racism, suicidality, fire.

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